I was in my car a bit ago and had the radio on (Fox or ESPN not sure but believe it to have been ESPN). THey were talking a guy names Russ Karg or Card I couldn't understand the mushmouthed announcer too well. Anyway they said he was director of sports finance for them. They were talking about the NBA PO's and how badly viewership was down and this schizekopf made two comments that just really got under my skin.

1) Well, now that we have the big 4 in there things will really pick up


2) Viewership was down because the Indiana Pacers can't score 38 points a game. (I'm sure Kstat and Shags love that one)

If I hadn't have been driving at the time I would have blown a hole in my dashboard riight in the area where my radio used to be.

I'm not going into my thoughts too deep right now becausee I'm still fuming but lemme say this...nah I'm not.

His comments at the very least, add fuel to the consiracy theorists. (how's that for giving the tamist thought I can muster up right now??)