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    That's a great article by Scoop. Possibly one of his best ever... I often dislike his articles. This was absolutely great:
    In the end, it was just him and us. No kids, no fam, no Cheryl. Just him against the enemy. The enemy that fell in love with him. Jordan, Magic, Bird, Malone, Isiah none of them went out the way he did: the opposing team stopping the game to give him a five-minute standing ovation, the media at his last news conference standing up and clapping for him, the refs giving him hugs and good wishes on the court when the game was over.

    Reggie had the ability to make you love him. Even in contempt. In the end, it wasn't the 27 points (11-for-16!) he scored in this last game. It was the attempt. It was the fact that you knew, whether the shots were going to drop or not, that he was going out with the clip empty. That was all that mattered.

    So when he sat up there at that podium and his last words were, "I didn't win the ultimate prize, but I'll leave it at this: I tried," all anyone could do was say nothing, remain speechless. Stand. Recognize. Know that we might never see another one like him again.
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    Great Article, damn I'm crying again.
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    Pretty damn good article, yes!
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