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Thread: Reggie had the biggest impact on me...

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    Default Reggie had the biggest impact on me...

    First i would like to start off and Tip other younger basketball players who read this, it may have huge impact on you and give you something you never dreamed of in future...

    I have watched Reggies games over and over and over again, studying his moves and everything... i have copied his stroke, his flopps, his floater, his fouldrawing, his clutch, his intelligence, his stroke, his cockyness, his class off the court and on the court.. i even wear his number... for 14 years...

    My TIP for other younger basketball players is to watch Reggie, because he is the PERFECT player and Easiest one to Learn from, because when you are a young player you dont have the athleticism, you dont have the speed, you dont have the height or u just have some kind of handicap or injury that slows u down... you must find a way to be productive even tho you dont have the athleticism or any talent at all... all you need is a great Mind and great confidence.. Not even Jordan would learn u something from watching him.. Jordan was the most productive player of all time indeed... but u could not learn anything from him eccept how to Dunk on people?

    Reggie on the other hand Sends always a message to other younger ballers when he is playing, if you stop watching the game and only watch him... you will realise how Intelligent he is, how he moves without the ball... how he tricks people.. how he draws fouls... why he draws fouls... how ? how? how? suddenly it becomes a Teaching Class... Yes, Reggie is a teacher and the best one that existed... He is the one that prooved everybody wrong!

    He prooved that you can still be succesfull and even the greatest player off all time even tho you dont have the height, strength, athleticism... All u needed was the Will, the hunger, the heart...

    Today im 24, and a succesfull Basketball player for the Top League in Europe... Besides my father & mother, he has been a Role model for me... and i feel now like i have lost a brother i never had...

    I have cryed only Two times in my life, when my Father died and when Reggie went of that court on Game 6... he made me into what i am today, if he never existed i guess i wouldnt be nothing... He gave me a Future, he gave me confidence to believe on what im doing.. he meant to me incredibly much and had maybe the biggest impact on me than anybody else except his family..

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    Reggie is an awesome player to watch, he has definately influenced my game. I've learned so much from him, but mostly it was to never ever give up, no game is ever over, and thats really important for athletes to know.

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    RIP Hamilton is one example of Reggies students... and look how far he has gone, even further than Reggie (a ring)...

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    Ok, there is more to basketball than the ring. Reggie Miller provided more entertainment and excitement than Rip Hamilton ever will. I'm tired of everyone thinking that a championship is everything. Sure, it would be great to win it but I think playing a great season (as in winning 61/82) is a really big accomplisment.

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    Default Re: Reggie had the biggest impact on me...

    Nice posts all!
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