I give serious serious points to Larry Brown for the timeout, class act, but I can't help thinking, there were 15 frickin seconds on the clock, and more than that when Tay hugged Reggie, which honestly really started my crying fit, BUT ANYWAY--------

I can't help but feel there was soooo much time come on, there has been an 8 points in 8.9 seconds, it would have been the perfect very last Reggie moment.

I do understand that the ending was really perfect, it gave my hero the perfect send off and respect he deserved, but I can't help but grasp for that little piece of hope, which really was visible. Screw Reggie's age, he can run with Rip all night, he's in better shape than most youngens.

Basically, the end of Reggie's career, if he would have attempted to win the game and failed, would not be the same; it would not be as tear jerking and special to us as it was, but I can't help but have the thoughts I have.

Did anybody else feel this way?