Talk NBA Playoffs with Scoop Jackson

Time ran out on Reggie Miller's career Thursday night. Despite Miller's final 27 points, Detroit ousted Indy 88-79 to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.
This afternoon, join Page 2's Scoop Jackson -- who was at the game in Indy last night -- to talk about Reggie's career, the playoffs, and more!

Send in your questions now! Join Scoop for all the answers at 2 ET on Friday!

The ShowGirl: Hey hoop fans. So, last night was Reggie's last horah. Page 2's Scoop Jackson was at the game and Graham Hays -- and Indy boy -- is here at work dressed in all black. Let's pay a little tribute. Scoop will take your questions through the top of the hour and then will pass the baton to Graham at 2:30 ET. Check out both of their columns on Page 2 today. Then send in your questions!

Scoop Jackson: Hey everybody. Being at the game last night was really special ... even though I'm a die hard Knick fan.

Eric - Boston, MA: Being at the game last night, what was the feeling like as Reggie received his ovation from both teams? What was it like as Miller walked off the court for the last time?

Scoop Jackson: The first thing Michael Smith, RAchel Nichols and I asked eachother was Can we remember any athlete that went out this way. The only person we could come up with was Elway. It was a huge stage, not the Super Bowl, but it was that kind of atmosphere. And it was very fitting and justified and even though us in the media, we're not supposed to clap for anybody, well, we were on our feet cheering for Reggie. You have to. Reggie deserves every bit of it. ... BUT, staying up until 4 a.m. and having to write a column about it was no joke.

Naren (Toronto,ON): Hey Scoop ... Having never won a title, does that diminish Reggie's legacy or is he just as deserving of hall-of-fame status?

Scoop Jackson: No. The answer is no. Because of the way he went out. That's what last night meant. 27 points. 11/16. We ALL know that it's not his fault that he never won a ring. I don't hold that against Reggie. It's tough to get a ring when you've got to go through Jordan!

louis,Brooklyn,New York: Do you think REGGIE MILLER will come back for 1 more season?

Scoop Jackson: Nope. Never. Reggie is done.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Do you think Reggie was disappointed by the challenges faced by the Pacers during his last season?

Scoop Jackson: Yeah, I think he was frustrated, but as a testament to him, he never complained. He handled the situation as a grown man. As a professional. Even though he knew this was his last year, he didn't let anything taint that. He kept it positive and you have to respect him for that.

Scoop Jackson: You all should have been there last night. The t-shirts, the commemorative magazines, the paraphrenalia, the chanting -- it really was an experience in Indy. It was one of those once in a life time things. The whole atmosphere that they created was absolutely amazing. I wish more people could have been there. ... And I wish it could have gone to a Game 7.

Levi (Mesa, AZ): What do you feel was Reggie's greatest accomplishment in the NBA?

Scoop Jackson: There's not one particular accomplishment or memory for me. BUT, the jumpshot that he hit against the Bulls, when he pushed off on Mike and hit that jumper and started spinning around in circles. That sticks out to me. BUT, what also sticks out is a poll that was done where they did a graph on the best clutch players in the NBA. Who hit the most shots with four minutes left, one minute left and at the buzzer. MJ hit nine game-winning shots at the buzzer! ... And he came in second. Reggie came in first. Guess how many he had?

Scoop Jackson: Go 'head. Guess.

Scoop Jackson: Twenty-two. That seals it up for me. No accomplishment sticks out more than that.

Scoop Jackson: What, no LeBron questions today?? All REggie??

Fred-dallas, TX: Is Ray Allen out of Seattle he would look good next to "KING" James

Scoop Jackson: Wow. That's a real good question. But, no, I don't think Ray is out of Seattle, even though they have 8 free agents, I don't think he's one they'll let go. THey never got a chance to see what the team could do at full strength in Seattle. Any good owner wants to give his organization a chance. With Lewis being injured and Radmanovic out, I think the management will do everything it can for a ring next time around. With that said ... I don't think Ray would fit next to LeBron. He's not a B-list ball player. He's an A-list ball player. He's on the same level as LeBron, so ... But Jerome would look good with LeBron!

Duane in Orlando: Scoop, the Spurs offense seemed to come to a standstill at times last night against the sonics...luckily they made most of their shots. Do they have enough offensive firepower to possibly overcome the suns?

Scoop Jackson: Yes and no, Duane. And I'm not trying to get John Kerry on you, but, I'm worried about San Antonio right now. But, I believe in their system. Popovich has a defensive system that I believe makes it difficult for other teams to do what they normally do, but at the same time, they go through scoring droughts that scare me. The question we need to ask one another is -- Does Tony Parker have the speed AND consistancy to stop Steve Nash from being Steve Nash.

Mike (Denver, CO): Have you ever seen a more classy move as what Larry Brown did last night in calling a 20 sec. TO to let the crowd/players and even the refs pay their appreciation?

Scoop Jackson: Only Maurice Cheeks singing the national anthem with that forgetful little girl a couple of years ago. Other than that -- nope.

Scoop Jackson: Could you believe the ref was hugging Reggie??

Jonny (Summersville, WV): Scoop, do you see a lockout on the horizon?

Scoop Jackson: I do not see a lockout. I see medium negotions -- not painstaking negotions -- but I do feel the owners feel that they have more leverage than the players this time around and they WILL take advantage of that. And, my belief -- simply my belief -- that the owners will take the strike before the players will.

Trevor (Corpus Christi, TX): Scoop, who does San Antonio match up against better, Phoenix or Dallas?

Scoop Jackson: Great question. Probably Phoenix because of experience.

Rod (Detroit): Yo, Scoop Reggie told Rip that there are no other players like them. Do you agree?

Gus (Washington, DC ): Do think the torch was passed from Reggie to RIP Hamilton last night ?

Scoop Jackson: In a way yes ... and in a way no. In style of play -- yes. Not too many players play the way they do, Reggie is right, but, Richard is not even 1/8 as clutch as Reggie is. So, Reggie passed that clutch torch to no one.

Charles Germany: Scoop, what do you think are the biggest flaws of the remaining playoff teams?

Scoop Jackson: Dallas -- inconsistency in Eric Dampier. San An -- inconsistency of Tony Parker. Detroit. Phoenix -- depth and inconsistency of Quintin Richardson. Miami -- hmm. What is Miami's real weakness. Their biggest weakness is who they are playing. And Detroit -- well, they tend to let teams dictate their intensity.

JD (Batesville IN): How about the Pistons and Ben Wallace standing on the court and clapping for Reggie. Coach Larry Brown and his team showed a lot of class, kind or ironic after what happened in November. How do you think this series would have turned out if Ron Arest was playing? I'd have to believe the Pacers would the team playing the heat. Artest can guard Hamilton or Billups, and he can get a bucket in crunch time, something the Pacers really seemed to lack, even with Reggie playing well last night.

Scoop Jackson: One, I think we need to understand that the Pacers and the Pistons never had a problem with each other. The teams were always cool with each other, Detroit and Indy, that rivalry is based on basketball -- not b.s. I think people get that twisted. BUT, if Ron Artest were there, I really believe that this would have been one of the classic playoff series of all time -- easily going seven games ... and they may have had to push it to eight. I can't tell you who would have won, but I think Ron Artest certainly would have made a difference, if not in two games then at least one.

Patricia (LA): Scoop, No disrespect but Miami's biggest weakness is pretty glaring - Shaq's health is their main weakness. =Detroit is NOT Washington or New Jersey. They're not getting past Detroit with Shaq at 60%.

Scoop Jackson: Ultimately, Detroit wins it all. Even Shaq at 100%, is not enough to handle Detroit when they are playing basketball. We saw that last year in the Finals.

Scoop Jackson: Hey, I'm off. I gotta hit the road and get back to the Chi. Let's get down next week after Tayshaun Prince welcomes D.Wade to the playoffs.

The ShowGirl: Thanks Scoop. There you have it folks. Next we've got Graham Hays standing by. Hit him up!

Graham Hays: Hey there, I'm here to keep the crowd loose before Shane Mosley arrives next. Scoop leave any Reggie leftovers for me?

Barry (The Evil Empire): Graham, where's the Reggie backlash? He took more flops than Free Willy!

Graham Hays: Very true, but when a guy retires, even his bad traits (if you think they were bad) get lumped in as "nostalgia" that made him a "character." Reggie took a lot of hate as a player, so why not give him a day of love?

JoeBobCouch (Hyden, Kentucky): Graham let us get your input on what you thought about miller's performance in his last game? Do you think he would be effective if he came back for one more year?

Graham Hays: Sure, I think Reggie proved he still has the conditioning to play, especially in a reserve role with Ron Artest back next season. But he doesn't want to, and credit to him for going out on his own terms. But I thought last night was a classic farewell from Reggie, couldn't have been more appropriate. And I'm including Ben Wallace's block on his last 3-pointer. Kind of a moment from a Greek tragedy.

Mike (Providence): Graham do you agree that that ovation he received last night had something to do with the loveable loser element involved -- it was almost pity. That would've never happened with Jordan.

Graham Hays: I don't really agree. I think the city is long past the loveable loser stage with the Pacers. And I think it would have been the same for Jordan in Chicago, in the moment. The difference is Jordan would have taken a lot more grief from Chicago fans and media in the days leading up to a 4-2 series loss.

Jonny (Summersville, WV): Graham, so who's the most clutch player in the league now that Reggie is gone?

Graham Hays: It's hard to think of one guy. I think Scoop made that point, that Reggie really did make last-second shots his thing, it wasn't just hype. I guess I wouldn't want to see Ray Allen lining up for a 3-pointer with my team leading in the final seconds.

meter (san rafel): Graham,What do the lakers do in the offseason to improve?

Graham Hays: Unless Phil Jackson can box out some of the bigs in the Western Conference, I'm not sure putting him in charge is the cure many people seem to expect. In theory, I'd trade Kobe and build a Pistons-like team around Butler, Odom and whoever you get for Kobe. In reality, trading Kobe is almost impossible.

Zod (Indianapolis, IN): As an Indianapolis native, even though Reggie was trying to pass the torch to JO for the past few years, it seems like the fans and the players stuck with Reggie as the team leader. Does JO have what it takes to lead the Pacers as Reggie did?

Graham Hays: I'm not sure. I think Jermaine O'Neal gets a bad rap as a "soft" player who isn't up to leading his teammates. I think he's tough enough, he just relies too much on the fadeaway. And while he's a bright guy who is often pretty candid, he may just care a little too much about what people think (and write and say) about him.

PD (Tampa, FL): We know Reggie will get into the hall. Do you think he'll get in on the first ballot?

Graham Hays: If we were talking baseball or football-style elections, yes, I think he earned enough good will at the end to overcome the holes in his game. But with the way the Basketball Hall of Fame works? Who knows when he'll get in.

Eric (Motown): Graham, I'm not trying to be a homer here but isn't Chauncey Billups clearly the most clutch player left. Mr. Big-Shot doesn't always save his exploits for the last second. Instead, when he senses "danger" he takes over and avoids having the dramatic last-second shot.

Graham Hays: I'd agree that Billups is a guy you're almost more afraid to see shoot in clutch moments than regular moments. Reggie was like that, but it's the other way around for most guys.

Scott (Kansas City, MO): Without Reggie, can the Pacers be a playoff contender next year

Graham Hays: Sure. They got there this season, and replacing Reggie with a (potentially) focused Ron Artest isn't a bad thing. They do need to find some more answers inside, Dale Davis isn't the long-term answer.

ryan (Dallas): We've reached every topic on Reggie...NEXT

Graham Hays: Fair enough. Shane Mosley and Will Kimmey are up next, so you've got your pick of boxing or college baseball. Thanks all.