Question DD. You have a problem when JO flexes after he dunks? That's rubbing it in, calling attention to himself, and being "unprofessional."

I just don't see how flexing is a big deal. Hell, I wish some Pacer would of flexed at the Pistons during the series. It shows, if you actually have the attributes to back it up, that you aren't scared of a team. Watching games 4 and 5 it seemed like no one did have the confidence to stand up to them all the time. To me in sends a message, if he actually did it, comparable to Babe Ruth pointing to the stands. Basically be flexing he was saying "Next year you gotta deal with this."

It's amazing that you're criticizing me for sticking up for it, when in your it's just the opposite. He has to do something amazingly good to get credit. I've said it many times that I don't agree with some of his actions. I feel like I'm judging his actions through anyone doing it, instead of thinking OH NO ITS RON!!!!!