I just wanted to post all my thoughts of tonight’s game as well as this season after I had a chance to take a short nap to calm down all my emotions tonight.

First off to this incredible season…it was sad to see Reggie Miller’s last game in person….my emotions really got to me tonight at the game and I wasn’t full scale crying but I certainly had tears and sitting down in Conseco Fieldhouse after the game it hit me that I won’t be watching Reggie Miller play on the Indiana Pacers anymore unless he comes back toward the end of next season. This is such a big thing for me because all I have known since I was 9 years old was Reggie Miller….Reggie Miller is the one who brought the 9 year old kid who had a love of passion for Reggie and I remember as a kid I would always buy Reggie Miller jerseys and I had like 15 different kinds….as a kid I remember Reggie Miller’s trash talking, clutch shooting performances and that Reggie Miller of my youth who would grab his crotch after nailing a three and looking at the direction of Spike Lee has turned into Uncle Reggie…the Reggie Miller who is calm and very respectful on the court. This is one reason I have absolutely no problem with our boys like Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest because they are still young and being able to have Reggie Miller on their side truly has helped benefit their lives. I will never forget the day that I met Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson in Los Angeles inside the Staples Center locker room and the image of Mark Jackson walking me down the tunnel to the locker room and as Mark Jackson opened up the door to the locker…I see Reggie Miller sitting down and I remember the joy and happiness that brought to my life. I remember my eyes being watery with joy and I will always be grateful for that day as that truly was one of the greatest days in my life…and I remember vividly Reggie Miller introducing me to his other teammates which were Sam Perkins, Travis Best, Dale Davis…and I will always be thankful for Reggie for being such a nice person to me throughout these years…and I hope Reggie Miller knows that I truly love him as a human being and I would really take a bullet for the man…to me, Reggie Miller is not just a basketball player but Reggie Miller is an amazing human being who has gone through so much adversity as a young child growing up in Riverside and has turned himself into one of the greatest players in NBA History. Reggie Miller is the perfect role model and whatever job field one does, a strong work ethic is needed. The work ethic Reggie Miller brought to the team was one that I just admire in awe. I have spent thousands of dollars to go watch Reggie Miller play basketball but I do not regret it one bit. I know 10 years down the line, I will look back at all my memories that I hold on so dear and appreciate them even more. I will always be thankful for Reggie Miller and he truly will be missed. I will miss watching his boom baby’s and his clutch game which has made Reggie for who he is.

I have extreme confidence with Ron back next season we will be clear title contenders and will win the NBA Title. I just hope sometime toward the end of next season Reggie returns and comes off the bench because it will truly be sad that Reggie Miller worked his a$$ off for 18 years to try to win an NBA Championship and it would be bittersweet for that to happen the year Reggie decides to retire. We had a great chance to win tonight’s game but it just didn’t happen…the officiating really dominated the tempo especially in the 2nd half. I have never seen such bad officiating I told one of the son’s of the referee to have his dad call the games better next time…I had such a great time in Indiana. I might move there for next season, and the Hoosiers I met were very hospitable and I truly enjoyed being at Conseco Fieldhouse. It was a great experience for me and hopefully next season I will continue pursuing my passion…Indianapolis was not as bad as I expected and I really liked it. It still has not completely hit me that we will not seeing Reggie Miller in a Pacer uniform again and just sitting down in the empty seats once the game was over I just had tears and could not believe I would not watch Pacer basketball without the GOD of the Pacers in Reggie Miller…

Even if we had gotten swept by Miami, I really wanted to get past lace w:st="on">Detroitlace>. I have no love for the Pistons even after tonight. Some people say they have “new found respect” for the Pistons and Larry Brown. I have nothing against Larry Brown personally, but I think most coaches would give enough respect to do what he did for Reggie tonight and it made the Pistons look good in respecting Reggie as well….but for me to have “new found respect” for Detroit would have been Ben Wallace being a man and apologizing for what he did on 11/19 to ruin our season and there is one man I will never ever forgive in ruining our season, and that is David Stern. David Stern could not go deep inside his evil black heart to understand how special it would have been for Reggie for Ron to return for the playoffs and give us a legitimate opportunity to go into the NBA Finals. I don’t blame Ron, because Reggie doesn’t…this has been a long season with a lot of ups and downs and it has been an emotional rollercoaster but I am proud I was able to be a part of it and I am proud I stood with our boys throughout the thick and thin. One last time…I just want to say thank you Reginald Wayne Miller…thank you for everything you have brought to us and thank you Coach Carlisle and rest of the Pacers…every single one of them from Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal to James Jones and Eddie Gill for stepping it up and giving us a memorable playoff run. We overcame a lot of adversity throughout the season and it was sad for the season to end like this, but as Al Albert told me, it was really special for Reggie’s career to end with a shooting performance like he had tonight rather than being blown out in Detroit (I don’t know if I agree with that) but at least we will have a positive memory of Reggie’s performance in his last game ever and it was fitting it was at home. Face it…no team in the NBA would have been able to do what we did with our two best players out for so long and our 3rd and 4th best players (S. Jax and Tinsley) out for so long. I remember being at the Clippers-Pacers game with our top 10 players being out and we had to bring out guys like Tremaine Fowles, Britton Johnson, and Marcus Haislip. Jermaine was playing probably at 60% and Tinsley was still hurt and we gave them all we had…and we went out playing hard against the defending champions…but I still have no respect for them whatsoever and hope lace w:st="on">Miamilace> sweeps them. I will always look at the Detroit organization, Detroit fans, and Detroit players in a negative light for what they have done to us and for their continuous disgusting attitude…once again, thank you Reginald Wayne Miller and thank you Indiana Pacers. WE LOVE YOU.

Always and forever,

Sassan K. Darian

One more thing…I know sometimes my comments on this forum have been “controversial” but all I ever wanted to do was be 100% supportive of our boys and I know a lot of people don’t like me calling them “haters”. I apologize if some people felt offended but I have great videos I will post in the off-season and I truly have a passionate love for the Pacers and would like if the admins would give me an opportunity to prove myself and give me an opportunity to post on PacersDigest. I will act accordingly but I feel like I should be judged upon the same set of rules everyone on the forum is judged. I will not ask for this request again if it is denied but I really have no where else to discuss enjoyable Pacer discussion and would love to have that opportunity again. Thanks.