Has there ever been a more overrated player in the NBA?!? I mean, really, just think about it.

Jermaine O'neal gets posterized more than any other player in the league. He waits until someone cutting through the lane goes to the hole, and that's when he makes his move. He never waits and takes the charge. When have you ever seen him take a charge?! It's because he doesn't do dirty work like that. He get's the block and the glory, or get's his fat head put up on another Dwyane Wade poster.

J.O. is incapable of shutting anyone down. Opposing PF's seem to have good offensive games against the Pacers. This being because he has zero 1-on-1 stopping ability. He get's his 'highlighted' blocked shots when helping out defensively. And how many times do I have to suffer through one of his 'I'll switch over to block Jeff's man' and then whomever he was guarding was left open for a lay-up?!

Jermaine's offensive game has gone south. Yeah, he's been unhealthy, blah, blah, blah. He had a pretty good offensive year while Ron Artest was out. He did alright for himself. But once again, his rebounding numbers are dipping. It's like he's dropping 1 rebound per year. One year, it's 10, the next, it's 9, the next, it's 8. What is happening is he is falling more and more in love with that 15 foot jumper, and so he's not getting any offensive rebounds.

Yeah, Jermaine can knock down that 15 foot jumper if he's on. When O'neal is hitting, he is one of the most lethal players in the league. But when he's not hitting, he is one of the most pigheaded, selfish, shot jacking assclowns in the league. I've suffered through so many of these games where JO thinks that if he just keeps shooting jump shots that eventually they'll fall.

O'neal's problem is that he doesn't have trust. He doesn't trust his teammates. I've seen where he's being double-teamed or even triple-teamed and Miller or Jackson would be wide open and instead, he pulls up a turn around jumper that barely clanks rim. If you can't trust your teammates, then what good are you?

Jermaine O'neal grew into a franchise role. He's gotten comfortable there and if Indiana is ever going to grow into a championship team, he is gunna have to get off his high horse and pass the damn ball or move on. I know alot of teams would take him and be willing to give us a lesser known PF that doesn't mind passing the ball.

And for my last stab at O'neal, how many people here believe that if O'neal was in the West, he'd be a star? I don't. If he was in the West, he'd be just another player. Truth hurts sometimes. This is coming from a die hard Pacers fan that can see O'neal for what he really is; a spoiled kid.

Just my thoughts.