Every year I watch the Pacers as much as I can, but I don't really relinquish my role as a husband/father until the playoffs.

Now that they are over, I'll see you some time next year. I'm sure I'll read Peck's final wrap up, but its time to get back on with life.

I really appreciate being able to come here and get stuff off my chest. Only a Pacer fan can really relate to another Pacer fan.

Wow, I am so unbelievable depressed right now. Not only did we lose to the Pistons 4-2 again in consecutive years, but Reggie is gone. Reggie is gone. That is so painful to type.

Usually I am fine by morning... we'll see!

Good Night and what a great season. I am never happy to see us lose, but I am very proud of this team.