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I didn't think the refs were very good.

And the old adage that "the aggressive team" gets the benefit of the doubt didn't hold up.

But really, just like in every game there were two or three calls I didn't like and a couple of plays where I thought we got a break. There's never perfect officiating, but I've got a hard time believing that's why we lost.

SJax was MIA, and JO's shot got away from him in the second half. The Pistons tightened up their "D". Rip was in a zone. Chauncey played a great game. Perhaps there was too much AJ and not enough Tinsley down the stretch when our offense was struggling. Brownie's halftime adjustments were perfect. The officiating would be no higher than #7/8 on my list.
Even with Jack and Tinsley's ineffectiveness, if we don't get whistled for the two consecutive Jermaine offensive fouls and the AJ BS call, we don't fall back by 5 with 4 minutes to go.

one other note:

Spooner called O'Neal for three fouls in a span of 52 seconds in the fourth quarter.

Spooner whistled O'Neal for a defensive foul with 9:49 to play and the Pacers leading 68-64. On the next possession, Spooner called on offensive foul when O'Neal was jockeying with Rasheed Wallace for position. After the Pistons pulled within 68-67, Spooner called O'Neal for another offensive foul with 8:57 left, the fourth foul of the game for the O'Neal. Detroit's Richard Hamilton hit a layup with 8:36 to play and the Pacers never led again.

The Pacers hit 2-of-7 free throws; the Pistons were 22-for-24.

"That third team out there, the discrepancy in free throw shooting -- they shot 24, we shot seven," Pacers guard Anthony Johnson said. ". . . It's unfortunate the game wasn't decided by the players tonight."