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Thread: 2017 NBA Draft Prospect Statistics

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    Default 2017 NBA Draft Prospect Statistics

    I analyzed over 200 NBA draft prospects by calculating individual stats from the 2016/17 season that aren't readily available. Here's the glossary.

    Stops: Stops take into account the instances of a player ending an opposing possession that are tracked in the boxscore (blocks, steals, and defensive rebounds), in addition to an estimate for the number of forced turnovers and forced misses by the player which aren't captured by steals and blocks.

    Stops40: Stops per 40 minutes

    AdjStops40: Stops per 40 minutes adjusted by KenPom SOS opposing offense ratings

    Stop%: the rate at which a player forces a defensive stop as a percentage of individual possessions faced. Inverse of Floor%

    PProd: Individual Points Produced

    PProd40: Individual Points Produced per 40 minutes

    AdjPProd40: Individual Points Produced per 40 minutes adjusted by KenPom SOS opposing defense ratings

    Floor%: "What percentage of the time that a player wants to score does he actually score?"

    3PS: "3 Point Score" Stat developed by Drew Cannon to find the true best 3 point shooters in the country

    2PS: "2 Point Score" Same as 3PS except designed for 2 point FGs instead!AsghPxrGFOsAg2ZFLLkxzlIeex2X - link to excel sheet as well

    "*" means a player was injured and/or missed significant time during the 2016/17 season.
    "**" means I think that player would be a steal
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    Default Re: 2017 NBA Draft Prospect Statistics

    That's pretty cool, though I don't know enough about the prospects to say how well your system holds up.

    If you can run the numbers on previous years' draftees, we might have a better idea how these stats carry over. It's probably a lot of effort though.

    So I take it that Stops are a measure of defensive ability, while the rest are various offensive measures? It's pretty interesting stuff for sure.

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