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Thread: If You are Going to the Game...

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    Talking If You are Going to the Game...

    In all seriousness...make a sign that says "BOX OUT." Make several of them...lead the audience in a chant of "BOX OUT" instead of "Reggie" or "Defense."

    Paul B...create a "BOX OUT" Mega-Mix.

    Something...I just figure anything works better then me yelling it at my listless television set.

    When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. Show the world how much you'll fight for the winners circle. If you do, someday the cellophane will crackle off a fresh pack, one that belongs to you, and the cards will be stacked in your favor.
    -Pat Riley

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    Its just enough with "Thank you Reggie, you suck!" then maybe he will start hitting shots?

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    Damn client obligations.

    Everybody scream "Box out" for me, too, please. I'm not sure they'll hear me all the way from Navy Pier. (Although I'm sure I'll yell anyway.)
    Why do the things that we treasure most, slip away in time
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