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Thread: Pacers-Pistons Game 3 pics

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    Default Pacers-Pistons Game 3 pics

    Sorry there are so many...hard to pare down 300 to a microcosm of the experience.....Hope everyone enjoys....

    I would love to see other people's interpretations

    View from our seats, courtesy of a great friend.....

    DJ Paul B, gettin' straight down wit the getdown....

    Been trying to get good shots during the intros, this is the best I've done.....

    Heir Commizzioner, I presume....

    This was the nicest that Rasheed was all was early....

    I take that back, he was a little nicer later in the second half when he shot two or three airballs in a row...

    Starting with this one, the pictures I've chosen to share of Reggie are indelible images of how I will remember his great career....This pose just bleeds "CAPTAIN"

    And, a close second.....

    AWARD: Most creative (non-sexual) display of free throw balloons I've ever seen......from these seats, after the beer starts flowing, you really have to categorize your awards well...

    Ditto this one......

    When Jack gets into a game, he gets IN TO a game.....

    "Here Mr. Jones, I've gift wrapped your a$$", said Mr. Wallace as he handed it back to Freddie....Not sure if this drew a foul, but it shouldn't have. In the absence of the nutty one, plays like this will get you DPOY.....

    Strike a pose, Reggie.....

    This guy made my night.....He took everybody's crap and was cool, then dished some back out in the fourth quarter and then had to eat crow at the end!!!!! Couldn'ta scripted it better!!

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    Default Re: Pacers-Pistons Game 3 pics

    Cool pics. Ill take some at game 4.

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