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Thread: Game Chat?

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    Default Game Chat?

    Hey Hicks, just wondering why the game chat was discontinued on the old site.

    It was working very well and it seemed like a lot more people showed up for the games. It flowed a lot more than the game thread and it seemed like we were all there together, watching like a big Pacers family.

    Another question...If there were enough support, could you bring it back?

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    Default Re: Game Chat?

    I actually am open to another round of chat, but where does that leave BC's game thread?

    What about this?

    We put the chat room IN the game thread. Now, this would defeat the purpose of archiving the game threads (unless there's a way to save an indivudal chat preserved within the thread), but at least we could all still appreciate BC's work of setting them up with stats and info and starting lineups, and he could reply to the thread with the box score and pics.

    The chat would go inside the first or so response in the thread (same as you can make other webpages load within a post)

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    That'd be something...Can't hurt to try...It would be fine by me, but I should not be the only reason you would do that.

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