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Thread: A Green Eyed Lady Sighting

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    I check in with her from time to time to see what she's upto.

    This is part of what she had to say in an e-mail I got just a few days ago.

    I am doing well! Thanks for askin'!

    I haven't been posting on either site, because my cookies got cleared and I can't re-register on the Indy-News site and just haven't had time to re-register on Pacers Digest. I just started a new job and life is pretty hectic right now - I try to keep up reading both sites but don't have time to post even if I was registered. LOL!

    As far as the forum party - sounds fun! Hope I will be able to make this one!

    Keep me updated k??

    Tell all the guys I said 'hey!'

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    'Hey' back to ya GEL!

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    GEL should show her face a bit more when she has some time. Glad she's keeping up on things

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