Not to beat a dead horse (as I've posted on this topic before) but....

I was banned from the RATS board in February for "voilating the terms".

I know many of you on here also frequent that board and have had similar experiences. I pressed the RATS mod to find out why I was banned, and finally got an answer that it was a post where i used the word "fcuk". Which I thought was a funny play on the perfume, blah, blah, blah. Well the post was directed at a member named ZappaFan. I was content to lurk since then. But yesterday, someone was writing about NaptownSeth being banned, and blamed it on ZappaFan. ZappaFan then posts that he has only every personally had a hand in banning one person, me. And he uses my real first name in the post. Only a moderator or adminstrator would know this?

So I join RATS again and call him out on using my name, tell him I 've haven't posted ANYTHING since February, blah, blah, blah. He replies that he's a computer geek and likes to help the moderators, because he know what a tough job it is (I'm paraphrasing). I call him the hall monitor we all hated in grade school, and BOOM, I'm banned again and the entire thread about NaptownSeth is gone from the board.

I feel better after venting.