-We have now shot less than 40% from the floor in half our playoff games. We have dipped as low as 26% in a game, and now are at 39.5% for the playoffs.

-It is starting to look as if we have the old Jeff Foster back. And while I love Jeff's game, I still think he was left in the first half too long tonight. His rebounding was great, but his inability to be a defensive presence around the rim like Dale hurt us after a while.

-Game clock mis-management never fails to enfuriate me. I mean, how hard can it be to work a clock, of all things?

I brought this up once over the summer, but compared to tonight's game, I might have been nit-picking over the summer. The shenanigans near the end of the half were the most blatant clock-freezing incident I have ever seen. Most of the time, the clock will only freeze for split seconds, going unnoticed by the majority of viewers. This time forever, not only did the clock stop dead for two or three seconds, but it stopped twice!

Simply inexcusable.

-This game was brutal, because not only were we missing our shots, we were missing wide, open shots. It actually made me think of an old Spike Lee commercial, where Spikes walks into a gym, as Reggie is warming up, carrying a brick in his hand...

Spike [holding up the brick] - "Man, these are heavy! How do you shoot these things?"

I loved that commercial.

-Watching Ben drain all those shots filled me with an inexplicable anger. I felt as if I had been robbed of something, as Ben morphed into an offensive dynamo. What had happened to the player I could always count on scoring less then ten points? Why was he abusing Dale and Jermaine so?

Hell, I thought, who in their right mind runs a post-up play for Ben Wallace anyway?

-I want James Jones to play more. I also want David Harrison to play more. It's a shame I can't always get what I want.

-I really like Steve. He is a bit emotional, but he really is quite talented, and seems to be a great team-mate.

-What is with all the blowouts in the playoffs so far? Nash and Amare just carved a crater into Dallas. I don't think the Mavs are out of it, though.

-I really like the every other day schedule.

And I leave you all with this:

"The 'Pacers just Won Game 2' Dance."