My son had been in SCTP and AIM for a couple of years but started doing some ATA Shoots late last year. I had just been on the sidelines watching but since he was now doing ATA I decided to join him and man its a load of fun.

I had never shot any clay targets until Fathers day last year. The head of the club gave me a club gun to use so I could shoot with my son and I got hooked immediately. I went out and got myself a Browning over under and have shot 1700 singles 1100 doubles and a few hundred handicap since the new ATA year started in September. I did not shoot at all over the colder months and it shows, I was hitting in the high 80's to low 90's by the end of the fall and I am back down in the 80's now. I guess I will just have to shoot lots of targets in the next couple of months!

Just wondering if anyone else here is into trap and or skeet.