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    Quote Originally Posted by CableKC View Post
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    We have 3 options:

    1 ) Go ALL IN and build around PG13 regardless of whether he decides to stay or not.
    2 ) Trade PG13 for the best offer that we get and continue with a Re-tool around a re-signed Teague/Lance/Myles/Thad/Draft Pick/Whatever haul that we get from trading PG13/GRIII
    3 ) Trade PG13 for the best offer that we get and initiate a complete tear down and rebuild centered around the young Players that we get and Myles.

    I'm going with option 2.

    NOTE - there is no wrong answer to choosing any of these options

    Spoiler Spoiler:
    While a team of Teague/Lance/Josh Jackson/Thad/Myles might actually be a fun team, and could maybe fight for that 8th spot, I view this as the worst of the three options. If we trade PG, I'd rather let Teague and CJ walk, dump Thad and Monta, collect future picks ,and play a lineup like Top Pick/Lance/18pick/Myles. Bottom out, get a couple solid picks this year and next, and move on. Replacing PG but staying in the perpetual 8th spot is my least favorite plan.
    It's a new day for Pacers Basketball.

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