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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleazar View Post
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    As one of Monte's harshest critics I think you are being too harsh on him. He had two options. Guard LeBron going for a dunk or defend the three point shot. If he chose LeBron the two most likely results would be a pass to a wide open Korver, who would make the three, or Monta gets a couple called on him while LeBron gets an And-1 opportunity. On the flip side if he defended against the three the most likely outcome was LeBron dunking, only scoring 2 points instead of 3. Strategically I actually think he made the right decision. It might be the more embarrassing one, but it is the one with the highest probability of the most advantageous result.
    Here's the non-idiotic play to make: Wrap LeBron up and make him earn the two points at the line, where he only shot 68% this season.

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