Pacers trade: Thaddeus Young + CJ Miles 2017 first round pick + 2019 first round pick (top 5 protected)

Kings trade: DeMarcus Cousins + Darren Collison

Wizards trade: Trey Burke + Marcus Thornton + 2017 first round pick


Pacers get: DeMarcus Cousins + Marcus Thornton

Kings get: Thaddeus Young + Trey Burke + Pacers 2017 + Pacers 2019 + Wizards 2017

Wizards get: CJ Miles + Darren Collison

(Some other players would have to be added for salary to fit, and there might not be a fit but this is nuts and bolts of it)

Pacers add a superstar big to pair with Myles and makes PG happy. Kings get a sizeable haul for Cousins plus a solid vet in Thad. Wizards get bench help in Collison and CJ.