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Thread: I got some trades on my mind

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    Default I got some trades on my mind

    The first one:

    Why would Denver do it?
    They really have no backup Center and are a shooting team, so Big Al would be a good get for them to try an inside-out game with their second unit. If it doesnt work, the contract of Al is not too heavy, so I think they could bite.
    Stuckey would give them a slasher who can attack the paint, so he also fits their systems of shooters. You could also try and fit in Ellis here if they like him more, but I took Stuckey, cause they want to shed salary and Stuckey has only 2 years left and is relatively cheap.
    Lavoy is a filler, you could also exchange him with Miles, since we get Chandler.
    The biggest reason this could work is, cause they really want to shed some salary to build their team around Jokic. Stuckey and Allen/Miles have only 2 years left and we take back two big and long contracts for players they might not want in their future plans.
    Why would Indi do it?
    We are obviously in win-now mode and desperately need rebounding. I am a big fan of Faried, cause we got enough scorers in the starting unit and I think he could complement Myles as he is looking for those offensive boards. Our team would also be a lot more athletic with him, cause we suddenly got Young in our second unit, who also could play starter. I am not too big a fan of Chandler, but I added him, because thought the Pacers might not be in a really good position since we dont have too many good assets. But that could change if we take back a player they want to get rid of.
    So what do you think? This would be my favorite scenario. Do you guys think we should offer the first pick to get Faried? Would you do it?

    The second trade would just be:

    Indi sends Lavoy or Miles (maybe Ellis, if Phoenix doesnt bite on this offer)
    Phoenix sends PJ Tucker (and maybe Chandler OR Knight if they only do the trade to get rid of one of their big contracts)

    I would do this trade and even the ones in brackets just to get PJ Tucker. I was looking for good defenders to take pressure off of PG...if it doesnt work out Tucker is a freeagent. But I want guys like Farried and/or Tucker casue they can defend and set some good picks. I think we dont have a lot of guys who set solid picks to free our shooters.
    I know those trades dont solve the problem of a 3 and D guy as our starting SG.
    The only guy I could see would be Courtney Lee. Do you have other guys?
    If you find another 3andD guy I wouldnt trade for Tucker, but I definitley want Faried on the Pacers, so this trade is more faluable to me.
    Thx for reading
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