With Indy Eleven submitting an MLS bid today I figured today is a good day to start the 2017 season thread.

Looks like they are targeting a lot just to the southwest of Lucas Oil to build a stadium. They have also brought in investors, mostly a bunch of local money, but no one big like Simon or Irsay. It also seems MLS took the initiative in asking Indy to submit a proposal.

The roster as currently stands looks like this:

Jon Busch - G
Keith Cardona - G
Colin Falvey - D
Marco Franco - D
Lovel Palmer - D
Nemanja Vukovic - D
Brad Ring - M
Don Smart - M
Ben Speas - M
Geraldo Torado - M
Sinisa Ubiparipovic - M
Justin Braun - F
Eamon Zayed - F

Only notable miss is Dylan Mares who signed with Miami FC, and one new comer in Ben Speas formerly of Minnesota United. I'm still hoping Lacroix returns, think he could take a big jump this year.