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Thread: 3 Small Pacer trades to improve scoring

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    Lightbulb 3 Small Pacer trades to improve scoring

    So it seems we've turned the corner defensively as a team. But offense and offensive flow still seems to be the issue. Not enough scoring to close out 4th quarters or just blow teams out when we have the chance. With that being said, here are three small trades that would help.

    Pacers trade CJ Miles and Lavoy Allen to the Lakers for Nick Young and Lou Williams.

    CJ has value as a scorer but has become somewhat injury prone. Not to mention his contract has an ETO (early termination option) which allows us to make him a full fledged free agent once mid June 2017 arrives. Thus not waiting to see if he picks up his option or not. Technically he's an expiring. Lavoy is on a team option next Summer so he's an expiring. The Lakers are falling out of the playoffs fast. At a current record of 11 wins and 19 losses, they trail Portland, Sacramento and Denver in any hopes of grabbing the 8th seed and a 1st round date with GSW. Dumping salary would be a smart move so they can play in free agency next Summer. With an expected overall cap-space number of about $18 million (after the cap jump and Calderon's expiring coming off the books)... they won't get a top tier free agent. They need to get to at least $26 million. Moving LW and NY for expiring's would get them well over that number. Not to mention improve their lottery pick chances to grab another young talent to add to their core of Randle, Russell, Clarkson and Ingram. You'd win more games with NY and LW than lose. Lou and Nick would give us instant offense off the bench. Added to Ellis and Jefferson that would be a great second unit who could hold or extend leads.

    Pacers trade CJ Miles and a 2017 unprotected 1st round pick to the T'Wolves for Zach Lavine

    Minnesota is reportedly in the market to move one of their youngsters for a veteran shooter. CJ fits the bill. His contract as covered above is very friendly as well. The pick is compensation for Minnesota giving up a key piece. For us, Lavine would be a great shooting guard. Athletic, can shoot and fits with Teague in the backcourt. Although he's just 185 pounds Lavine is 6'5 so we get bigger in the backcourt compared to Monta at 6'3. But a nucleus of Lavine and Turner would be scary for years to come.

    Pacers trade Al Jefferson, 2018 1st and Rodney Stuckey to the Mavs for Wesley Matthews and Seth Curry

    Mavs are obviously in rebuild mode so we give them a pick. Jefferson would fit because Bogut is so injury prone and overall this helps Dallas out financially since they'd now be on the hook for maybe $10 mil of Al Jefferson for next season and $5 mil the next. Instead of $34 million of Wes Matthews for the next 3 years. Wes would start for us while Seth Curry comes off the bench as a shooter with GR3, CJ Miles and Ellis.

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    Default Re: 3 Small Pacer trades to improve scoring

    you're not getting lavine for anywhere remotely close to that

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