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Thread: For the people at the game...

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    Default For the people at the game...

    Did any of you all get to see Nique' Wilkins, Iceman, and Frazier before the game?

    They were standing by the Larry O'Brien trophy throwin some armbands and shirts out to people. I was in such amazement seeing them. I was speechless when I shook thier hands. I couldn't conjure up any words to them. I would have never thought in my whole life I would get to meet these pioneers of basketball. Each one of them had thier own special marks in NBA history. Clyde helped the Knicks to thier first championship, Nique' with those nasty windmill dunks and Iceman with that sweet and smooth finger-roll. All of them being the first to do each of these.

    I got a nice little armband from Wilkins. It's a NBA armband but it has the Larry O'Brien trophy stiched on it. I'll treasure that for EVER! If I hadn't seen these guys...this night would be such a disaster beyond words. I'd be have to take some pills for this loss if I hadn't had the most wonderful pleasure of meeting these three guys.

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    Default Re: For the people at the game...

    It's a crime that Dominique didn't make the Hall of Fame.
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