As some of you may remember a little while back, I had made a deposit into my bank account that was misread and ultimately led to a $1600+ error in my favor. I eventually went in and had the error corrected. Now, there is another error in my favor, but this one is a bit more complicated, so I'm not really sure how to handle it.

Just a few days ago, I made a payment to someone via PayPal for $11.00. At the time, I had $31.50 in my PP account, and about $20.00 in my checking account (where $$$ is drawn from if I have no PP funds). When I sent payment, the receipt came back as $1100.00. I quickly contacted the guy and explained what happened, and made a money request for $1089.00 back so that I could quickly return the fund to my bank account to try to avoid any overdraft fees. The guy returned the $$$ quickly, within about 20 minutes or so, and I transferred it back to my account (which typically takes 3-4 business days). I went to the bank the next day and spoke to someone about what happened, and he said he would keep an eye on the account and make sure it wouldn't apply any overdraft fee. Of course, it did anyway, but I'll get to that in a minute...

Anyway, the next day, the $1068.50 was back in my account. Two days later, however, ANOTHER $1068.50 showed up in my account. I recevied an e-mail telling me that my bank had rejected my attempted withdrawl of $1068.50 via the PP error, but since I had requested $$$ from the guy and transferred it back to my account, it apparently didn't recognize the rejected withdrawal attempt.

I went in and taked to the guy about what happened, but I don't think he understood what I was talking about. I asked him if, because the bank rejected the initial withdrawal attempt, the $$$ would be taken back from the other guy's account, and he said it shouldn't. So, basically, I'm sitting on this extra $$$ that seems to have come from out of nowhere. I'm waiting to see if the guy has the $$$ taken out of his account, but if that doesn't happen, where did the $$$ come from, and who should I contact about it? The deposit was not made due to bank error this time, and I already talked to them about it and they rejected the notion that there was any error. So, basically, what do I do from this point?