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    Jesus Shuttlesworth

    Default Indy Star

    Who here posts on the boards? What is your name if you do?

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    I still post there as bmac, but I rarely even read the forums there anymore they've gotten soooo bad, waste of my time.
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    Default Re: Indy Star

    I use the same name there, but my posting goes in spurts.

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    Default Re: Indy Star

    I used to post there, but there were soo many trolls.

    Now I can't even load up the web site for some reason. Strange.
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    I still post there from time to time but that board has been completely ruined by Patriots, Heat, and Pistons trolls. That and a complete and total lack of moderation. The mods over there show up once in a blue moon, and when they do they ban the wrong people. I still read there from time to time, but rarely post. My name there was the same as it is here.

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    Bball here and Bball there....

    I rarely post over there anymore. The trolls have the run of the place and it seems a significant portion of the regulars 'like' bickering with trolls continually. And as someone said, the mods- if they do anything at all- will likely ban one of the good guys who got tired of the trolling and leave the trolls.

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