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Thread: Firefox getting Phishing warning.

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    Default Re: Firefox getting Phishing warning.

    it is very simple: ANY of the 2.3 million posts here may have a broken or alleged "dangerous" link in it, heck over age some might have grown bad, who knows.
    I did the google thing multiple times but i can assure you i have a lot more to do that is worth way more then that
    It helps for a few days and that is it, i don't know if it is something/somepone reporting or that they expect me to find these so called "bad links" by going over the database and or pictures, pm's etc.

    as soon as i can get it to work i am moving the site to vb 5 and to another server
    i have tested umpteen ties but it aint as easy as it looks and with the size of dbase we have it aint as easy as they say.

    this week alone i am on my 3rd attempt, if you consider that the db is neigh on 40Gb of data which everytime has to cycle through the entire upgrade, which takes about 8 hours, you will understand my reluctance in communications

    work with us until we done and no i am not making any promises, i have a life to


    they say

    i think
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Then why not have Breakfast at Milliways!

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