As a longtime Pacers fan out of state but never been to Indiana(out of state fan who grew up with no team in state), what's the deal with this show? Seems fake. The sheriff acts and his hair look like a bad actor. The people they put in jail seem like bad actors also. Looks like they use a green screen for the backdrop throughout the show when interviewing people in another room. Whole thing looks like garbage other than the cowardly safe-space dude crying like a big turd to go home. Probably about the most realistic part of the show to be honest. The other scrawny girl who rejected the other girl, Tammi and Barbra, that little scrawny sjw getting her feelings hurt over other prisoners leaving is also pretty realistic in this new pc era. Someday we'll have our heads chopped off because sjw's would rather die than be an inconvenience to anyone else's life. Also just read an article about some dude being raped by an immigrant that felt guilty the immigrant was deported over the crime of raping him. I fear the world going forward... especially if this show is the pawn stars or american pickers version of reality. Fake reality tv is propaganda and shouldn't be allowed since it's sold as real. I digress... what's up with the reality of this show? That Robert dude isn't a teacher or a legit person existing in society. I don't buy him as some oddball, I find his acting to be horrible. Anybody know the dude or where he teaches in Indiana? They may have mentioned but I didn't listen. I just don't buy his horribly bad expressions to be real whatsoever.