Pacers trade: 2018 lottery protected 1st, George Hill, Chase Budinger
Pelicans trade: Ryan Anderson, Norris Cole
Pistons trade: Reggie Jackson, Jodie Meeks, Ersan Ilyasova, Kenneth Caldwell Pope
Hawks trade: Jeff Teague, Kent Bazemore, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Pacers acquire: Reggie Jackson, Kent Bazemore
Pelicans acquire: Jodie Meeks, Tim Hardaway Jr., Ersan Ilyasova
Hawks acquire: Kenneth Caldwell Pope, George Hill, Norris Cole
Pistons acquire: Chase Budinger, Ryan Anderson, Jeff Teague, 2018 lottery protected 1st

Why for Indy: We finally get a true point guard in RJ who can score and assist the ball. Bazemore gives us some athleticism and energy at the SG spot. Ellis would come off the bench with Stuckey.

Why for Detroit: Teague would give them a PG who would be a better fit since Teague plays at a quicker pace. They also get Ryan Anderson who they're rumored to be interested in. They get a lottery protected 1st as well.

Why for NO: They get some vets to put around AD for next season. Ersan is a solid stretch 4 who can replace Ryan, Meeks will replace Eric Gordon, and Hardaway Jr. is an interesting young prospect they can develop.

Why for Atlanta: KCP is a solid future piece/fit next to Schroeder. G. Hill gives them a solid backup for either. Cole is an expiring but resigning him gives them flexibility to move Shelvin Mack. The addition of G. Hill and KCP also allows them to move Korver for more pieces.