I know that it's been months since the incident that shook the Pacer's franchise, but I can't help my incessant fuming. I understand that the NBA wants it's credibility back, but isn't this a little extreme?

Ron Artest's agressive nature is what made him who he is in the NBA! His strong, forceful ways are what made him 2003-04 defensive player of the year. In addition, Ron Artest is what would have made the Pacers a strong championship contender.

If people don't believe me, look at last years record!!! Amazing!!! Granted we were knocked off by the Pistons, but hey, I think thats what brought Reggie back.Sure, this has been talked to death, But I can't help it.

I think that we should start a bring ron back petition, it probably won't help, but at least we can say we did something!

By the way..... Another Question, would u have changed what happened even if u knew that that would mean Reggie wouldn't be scoring and playing as well as he has been?

oh Another one... What would you do if it was Hitler who threw the cup?