Kidd to have MRI on bothersome knee

TOM CANAVAN / Associated Press
Posted: 30 minutes ago

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) All-Star point guard Jason Kidd of the New Jersey Nets plans to have an MRI on a sore left knee that has bothered him in recent games.

The injury was disclosed Sunday night after Kidd spent the final 14-plus minutes on the bench in the Nets' 100-83 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

"It just got stiff on me and I couldn't move, and coach removed me from the game," Kidd said.

The MRI will be performed Monday. Kidd hopes to play in Denver on Tuesday against the Nuggets.

Kidd did not know when he hurt the knee. He said it was "banged up" for a while and it hasn't gotten better.

"If I can't move, it's serious," Kidd said. "That's part of my game, just being able to run, to start the transition. In the last couple of games we haven't been able to run, maybe due to me not being mobile. We'll see how it feels tomorrow."

Kidd hurt the same knee early this season, but he said this one is a bigger bruise.

"It (the pain) goes everywhere through my leg, so that's why they are concerned about it," Kidd said. "It's going through my leg, so they want to see what is going on."

Lakers guard Gary Payton was concerned about his longtime friend.

"Once he comes to you and says his knee is messed up, he knows it might be serious," Payton said. "I hope it's not. He still looks the same `J' to me. He was just pacing himself today because probably his knee was hurting. He is still the same.

"With one leg, I'll take him."