according to Stein:

New Jersey has the worst record in the league against the 14 teams in the NBA with a winning record as of Friday morning. During the regular season, such statistics don't mean everything, but the numbers below aren't especially encouraging:

WORST vs. TOP 14 W-L; Pct. New Jersey; 8-16; .333 Milwaukee; 9-15; .375 Houston 10-16; .385 Portland; 11-15; .423 New Orleans; 11-14; .440

BEST vs. TOP 14 W-L; Pct. Minnesota; 19-9; .679 Dallas; 21-11; .656 Sacramento; 17-10; .630 Indiana; 14-10; .583 San Antonio; 15-14; .517

P.S. If it makes the Nets feel any better, since Dec. 4, the Lakers are 3-11 against teams with winning records.

glad someone who gets paid says what I've been saying for weeks, wonder where my paycheck is