I went to the Southport vs Park Tudor game (Go Cards!) and he was there watching his son play. His son is a 6'1 sophomore guard who plays both junior varsity and varsity basketball for Park Tudor.

Anyways when I got there I was told to look five feet down to my right, and sure enough the next person over was Isiah Thomas. I did get his autograph, and I did shake his hand and such. So that was pretty cool.

The whole entire Southport crowd it seemed then went and followed my lead and went over to meet Zeke. He was very cordial and didn't turn away anybody. He'd flash the golden smile of his and would shake everybody's hand.

That's not the best part about tonight.......Southport won 48-45 in OT. The Cards have now won five out of their past six ballgames heading into sectionals.

And we got the Friday night bye in a seven team sectional!!! : range: