From the very basics you would expect out of the most base of humans (don't let your dog **** in the 2'-area we have between the house and the security fence, it attracts rats, it's disgusting and it shows that you are a dirtbag lazy wench. Did I mention there are dozens and dozens of poops? -also don't smoke cigs everynight and throw them into our tiny, 2'x6' yard, because after about a month they will basically cover everything, it's your problem that you don't want to smoke in your house or on your balcony, so clean up after yourself) to the incredible: A lady actually isn't paying her assessments, as if they are voluntary. Yeah *****, just wait til you pull the "why do I have to pay more monthly than other units, what are these assessments for anyway?" again, I'm bringing tons of legal documents and will let you know that as an association that when you sell we will let the realtor know that you owe X amount of money to the association and any failure to reveal this to potential buyers is a breach of your sales agreement.


****-lady's dog also attacked our other neighbor's tiny dog because she lets it **** in that tiny area in front of the house and along the gangway without a leash, so it occasionally sees our dogs or our neighbor's dogs (on leashes) and goes crazy. Well, big surprise, it finally got to the little dog and bit it, so now it's in quarantine, poor mistreated, unloved dog.

At least in a large condo building you have an established association and 3rd party assessment collectors to deal w/ legal and general issues. Living in a 6-flat with idiots, the bane of my existence.

"Hell is other people"