Rather than typing it all up again, I'll just paste what I wrote here (thread may get moved/deleted, but if not this link will work):


This took place on a Star Wars forum (I follow EP3 spoilers and such; mostly lurking these days)

Not sure where to post this, but since the 'story' centers around Star Wars and EP3 I decided to post here.

I've been here a long time, and recently started reading Millenniumfalcon.com's EP3 board because they'd been getting a lot of neat spoilers.

I finally registered a name a couple weeks ago.

Tonight I finally make a post, and soon after that I saw the post on this thread about a supposed release of a single track from the ROTS soundtrack.

Excited, I quickly made a thread on their board, linking to that post, and then linking to the mp3 download, thinking I was doing a favor by spreading the good news/scoop/whatever.

Soon I read through and realized it was a fake, and apologized for the mistake and edited the title as to not mislead anyone.

That was an hour or two ago. I was just heading back there since being away, only to find they BANNED ME for that. BANNED. What a ****ing insult. I mean that stung a bit because it was so absurd and I had just started feeling like that was a place I enjoyed reading (well, mostly, some guys are real jerks).

All I wanted to do was do a nice thing and share something I'd found that I thought was a real deal. It was an honest mistake, but I did it the right way, crediting the source, apologizing when I realized I had messed up, etc. but those ****s just outright ban me for that.

I guess no one really cares, but god damn that just rubbed me wrong. That's such an out-of-line reason to do that. Totally uncalled for, and a (for the internet, anyway) a major insult. I guess I'm just stung and needed to rant.

Kudos for always having much better administration than those jerks, Nightly.net. When I created my Pacers forum a couple years back, I modeled a lot of my adminning off the fine job you guys do, and it's night's like tonight when I remember that I love being able to do it 'the right way' at least in my own neck of the woods, along with enjoying it on this place (even if I basically only read these days).

Sorry for wasting anyones time; I just needed to blow off some steam.
Those ****ing pricks are just burning me with that assinine behavior. You just don't do that as an admin if you have any ****ing decency.