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Thread: I miss Mark Montieth

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    Default I miss Mark Montieth

    First let me say I don't mind the more critical approach of Mike Wells, and I admit I like a new approach, some fresh eyes following the Pacers. So it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with that at all. Trust me.

    My problem is Mike Wells is not a very good writer. Not sure about his reporting skills, we'll see if he breaks accurate stories over the next several months. But at the most basic level I want to read a well written, highly readable article on the Pacers every day.

    With MM I read every word he wrote on the Pacers.

    With Mike Wells, I find myself skimming through his articles and only reading the players and coaches quotes. He is not a very eloquent writer, not very articulate.

    Bob Kravitz, is an excellent writer, he could write about some topic I have zero interest in, but he is entertaining and very well written. MM also is a good writer. Wells is not.

    Anyone else agree with me. Maybe no one else really cares. But maybe a few of you do and now that I have mentioned it, maybe some of you will see what I'm saying.

    In this forum, there are some of us who are better writers than others. I don't want to name names, but Peck is outstanding, he is just an excellent writer. I read his stuff and then read mine and only wish I could write nearly as well.

    Sorry for that little tangent, lets not get off on that

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    Default Re: I miss Mark Montieth

    I've had thoughts about asking to proofread his stuff, but it's not that big of a deal...

    But yeah, I've noticed the change.

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    Default Re: I miss Mark Montieth

    I know what you're saying. In fact, I was going to point out his game article just the other day. Looks like it was written for a high school paper.
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    Default Re: I miss Mark Montieth

    UB, I was almost going to agree with you until you said is a good writer.

    Mike doesn't bother me all that much. Kristen on the other had...I will admit the last article or two of here's didn't blow chunks like the first few.

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    Default Re: I miss Mark Montieth

    I usually just scan them anyway. What I like about Mike is that he will tell us what he thinks, rather than just Something like: "The Pacers best play lately is jawing with the officials as they run upcourt."

    I haven't noticed the quality of the writing, but will pay more attention. Enough of you are mentioning it, there must be something there.

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    Default Re: I miss Mark Montieth

    Yeah, I noticed. Say what you want about the bunny's refusal to ask hard questions, the man can write. The same can't be said about his replacement.

    But really, who reads newspapers anymore?

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