Sorry bout this but are u guys serious? What kinda music is that!!?? pointer sisters !? Leo Slayer!? Who da hell are those & who da hell gave them permission to sing!? I know most of us here are White guys and listen to "white" music, but cmon!! we are talking about Basketball here... and that should be real Basketball music!!
With that i mean, that we "ballers" get usually hyped of only GOOD HIPHOP/RAP/R&B maybe some good Trance aswell by ASTRAL PROJECTION... ONLY!! Example if you put Tupac Shakurs song on their warmup, it usually brings old memories from your old days when u used to dream about playing in the NBA, it just brings memories and makes you play harder than ever... on the other hand, the "white music" listening crowd would not like that? And on the other hand that Music like "Leo Slayer?" will only make those Ballers commit suicide instead.. hahah.. Paul Bunyon dont listen their sugestions!