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Thread: An Article I just wrote about Stern

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    Default An Article I just wrote about Stern

    Its Time for a Change

    With Reggie Miller retiring from the NBA, one more person needs to follow suit. No its not a player, or a coach. Its David Stern. He has and is failing the fans and the players. Great players are criticized when they hang on to the league for too long, so why aren't mediocre commisioners.

    In an Interview with Marc Stein on January 23, 2004 David Stern stated "No, I was certain that it would happen, because the players never believed that we would do it, and we knew we would. And so the negotiations never got to a place where we needed to get to until we were locked out." After he was
    asked about the lock-out. Wasn't it his job to get them to the table, wasn't it his responsibility to make sure the NBA kept going, and playing games.

    So whats his excuse this year, for a year he has been saying things are progressing, but nothing solid has happened. What they don't believe he'll do it again, please, they believe it. In an interview with Russ Granik prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals in 2004, he said "Well, I think we have made some progress. We've had a number of meetings in which large numbers of the players and the owners have been present, and I think we've had some very good dialogue and discussion on a variety of issues." almost a year later he is saying the same thing as if it is progress.

    I find it hilarious that Stern says "Listen, this pie is growing and growable. Let's not fight too much about shutting down." when he is the one dragging on the CBA talks because he wants to keep his dictator like power

    Lets face it there is one thing that Stern cares about and it isn't the league or basketball or even the fans and players, its $ the almighty dollar. He spends his time trying to figure out how to get more teams in the league to get more revenue. Teams from Europe, seems to me when the league is already watered down, he needs to stop adding more teams. When good coaches are already hard to find he needs to stop.

    He spends his time toying with the Pacers, leading them to believe that if they do this and do that, and I'll reinstate Ron Artest. But what happens they do what he asks and even more and he remarks, "Our goal is to do everything we possibly can to ensure Ron's return to the NBA next season is as smooth as it can possibly be" so what was the point. After the bomb threat on March 25, 2005, Stern told the Pacers to get back in there or else there would be "Massive fines" and its safe to assume a suspension or two. He said he reviewed everything thoroughly and had gotten all the facts before he announced the suspensions, the how come he did not learn of Rookie David Harrisons actions until the police announced it.

    People David Stern is spending more time running the NBDL than the NBA. The NBDL won't be much use next year if the NBA goes the way of the NHL. People can say that he rejuvenated a stagnant league all they want, but I firmly believe that the greatest basketball player in all of History had alot more to do with it. The owners of the teams can choose not to keep Stern in power. His job is determined on a year to year basis, hopefully they do whats right and they get rid of him.

    Stern in the words of an equally big failure "You're Fired"

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    Default Re: An Article I just wrote about Stern

    It started with Magic and Larry in 1980, Then the 84 draft class with all the great ones. Then MJ with his domination, and Stern thinks its him. I don't ever remember buying a ticket because David Stern was commisioner. Maybe we should give cable TV some props here also. I don't think I have ever considered throwing a beer on anyone, but I think I could him. I wonder if he would snap and go off.... it would be interesting to watch.
    "He wanted to get to that money time. Time when the hardware was on the table. That's when Roger was going to show up. So all we needed to do was stay close"
    Darnell Hillman (Speaking of former teammate Roger Brown)

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