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Thread: A question....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcadian
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    I'd be fine if Reggie was the only 90's era Pacer to have his jersey retired. I like the standard where it is. Dale as much as I like him isn't in the same tier as the other four retired jerseys.
    Yep, I agree.
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    Default Re: A question....

    Just saw this one.

    First, I don't think Dale would be "next in line."

    Second, Rik would have retire #24.

    Because I don't see either of them getting in before Chuck's #45.

    However, IMO, the next one after Reggie should be Billy Knight.

    And Reggie, Rah-jah, Mel, and George have set a really high bar. I see Chuck/ Rik/ Dale as more of a "Jeff Hornacek"-type thing, and we all laughed at Utah for retiring his number. I mean, I liked Hornacek as much as the next guy, but retiring his number?

    Back in the 1991-92 season, which was the 25th-anniversary team, the Pacers named a "Hall of Fame" and put up plaques in MSA. I think it was Lewis, Buse, Mel, George, Roger, Billy, Chuck, Reggie, Vern, Slick - ????.

    Somewhere, I've still got the "Burger King" calendar with side-by-side pictures of the legends and that 'current' team.

    However, that was the first time in a long time that the Pacers really starting paying a tribute to the old ABA teams, in part because Chuck complained that he never knew anything about Mel Daniels until he joined the Pacers and met him really thought the Pacers should do more to honor thier history.

    They have "Pacers Legends" displays throughout The Fieldhouse.
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    No way I want to see Rik get his jersey retired. If that would happen then, yes, I vote for Dale to get his retired. Dale is more deserving than Rik because I believe Dale had much more to do with the success of the 90's than Rik did.

    I'm probably a little too biased to make a call on Dale getting his jersey retired... cuz I see both sides of the argument but if the decision was left up to me then he'd get it.
    ...And he never would've been traded either

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    I would go with Rik before Dale. Spending your whole career with one team helps. If Dale had stayed in Indiana his whole career, he would have a better shot.

    I think next up after Reggie is probably Jermaine in about 12 years.

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