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Thread: Once upon a time in the spring......

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    Default Once upon a time in the spring......

    Once upon a time in the spring......

    In a year filled with dark tidings, light began to shine after the darkest hour had been reached, or so people thought.

    It could easily have been written this way, I am sure it would make a great fairytale, a "pay it forward" kind of story, or if you will; a tearjerker.

    A run-up: Season opening: injuries; the brawl, suspensions, more injuries, Reggie retiring.....

    Dale returning, more injuries.........

    Reggie retiring, it came as a shock in the end, and in all honesty; the way he is playing does in the eyes of most not justify the decision, but you know what?
    Reggie has done it all on his terms, in his way, and he is putting in one more final effort to leave the legacy he wanted to leave when he started out so many years ago, in fact so many years that several of you weren't even born when Reggie was drafted amidst controversy in Indiana.

    Upon hearing that news I had a few notions, a few ideas and a few wishes.

    My first was as egotistical as it can be: Wanting to see the man one more time life, a first time in Indy, but then reality set in, I live in London UK, the tickets alone are out of my reach financially at this moment in time, so that idea went to bed.
    The second was a simmer of hope that maybe someone could convince him to stay one more year, certainly now his old friend DD had returned, there should be more then a glimmer?
    Oh how delusional old age can be

    The final one was: What if......

    What if we as in the Pacers Fans gathered on Pacers Digest dot com, were able to present the man who has given us 18 years of his sporting, classy best, a gift, something worthy of his statue, worthy of his ideas and at the same time, something that he himself might improve of.

    Didn't I say that getting on in years makes you delusional?

    What would be more fitting then a website, professionally designed and build, a legacy to Reggie Miller, with links to all his charities, with a lot more, with video, sound, pictures, stories and whatever we could/can come up with.

    A moving image, a living archive, all about Reggie.

    What better place to do that then on
    Yeah, fat chance he doesn't own that himself to protect his name!

    But least you take a quick look to see if the domain is available, who knows weirder things have happened
    Or if it isn't, find out who owns it, who knows, they might be willing to part.

    ANd there was my break: "this domain is for sale".....

    So since I am a certified lunatic anyway, I decided to just post the idea.

    I wrote the owner, who asked a price, and an idea sparkled, I wrote again, with a different price, and the answer came, with a positive reply to my first offer, that meant my idea started to grow, so.....
    I wrote a 100+ people a PM, asking them if they would be willing to pledge an amount in order to aquire the domain and upon receiving pledges within minutes, I did a last bid, which was accepted.

    Then we, the 100+ started out on a quest, a quest to find $ 1,600.00 to pay for the domain and costs of transfer and a person in the USA who could help us funnel the money and pay for the domain.

    Within a week we had more pledges then money needed, counting those who had given "range pledges" for the maximum, which we hope in the end to bring back to a more "balanced" amount, but that is something that is still going on

    Within a week we had an offer from a member to do a professional design for the template we want to use, we have 5 more members willing to help build, donate pictures from their private collection, help build the site and what is more, we had the money!

    Now we are left with a little more to do, we need to gather as much material as we can, as much information as we can, as much stories as we can, as much "rights" as we can and as much co-operation as we can.

    We need someone with links to the front-office for a related plan, we need in essence all the help we can get.

    Submitting stories, pictures or whatever does not mean it will be used, but the more choice we have, the better the end-result will be.

    We are trying for a presentation on the final "regular season" night in CFH to present, but that also has some technical hurdles, besides the obvous "contact" hurdles. so no promises there, just know we are working on it

    If you can offer us any help in what we are seeking, please PM me.

    In the meantime I would like you all to stop for a moment and thank all those people that have contributed their hard-earned money, the last of their allowance, their complete allowance and such more, it makes me all "clogged up" to think about them.

    Thank you, Thank you Thank YOU!

    And yes, there are stories that end positive as you see!
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Then why not have Breakfast at Milliways!

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    Reading this reminded me that another thing I can contribute is the 5 excerpts I wrote up from Reggie's book. They're still here on the forum. I believe I called them Tales From Reggie Miller Vols. I-V

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    Thanks for posting, able. The people on this forum are all truly amazing and I'm so happy to be a part of the community.

    Can't wait to begin the construction of - thanks for the opportunity to support the site! It's a great feeling - also amazing to think that Reggie will undoubtedly stumble upon the site in the future.

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    For someone who never got to see Reggie play - and basically, has to follow the Pacers via the computer I admire your dedication to him and this project. I think he would be honored and you will be able (no pun intended) to share in that.

    And a thanks goes to Hicks as well, for starting something special that lead to this project. This site is a community I am proud to be a part of. The mods keep things in order. The writers, with few exceptions, are thoughtful and knowledgeable and as corny as it may sound, treat the posters as family.

    It's a great thing to be a part of. It really is.
    The best exercise of the human heart is reaching down and picking someone else up.

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    Nice idea Able , i offer you my help in any way!

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    Ya great idea Able hope the site is better than www.Michael

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    Default Re: Once upon a time in the spring......

    able, I know this is asking a little much, but...What all would you be asking for as far as things go in the photo department? Do you mean close-ups or just in-game photos, etc,.? An extensive wish list would be great if you could.

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