Could I have been more wrong with my prediction (hope) for the 2nd half of the season????? (this is from Feb. 20th)

I agree that we HAVE been snakebitten so far this season, but exactly how snakebit can one team be? Can we possibly continue to experience this level of bad luck for the rest of the season? Are there that many more bad things lined up waiting to happen to this team? Will the law of averages allow this team to continue taking hit after hit as they have the first half of the season?

Man, I just can't believe the 2nd half is going to continue as the first half did. Flip a coin enough times and it has to come up heads every once in awhile, ya know?

As Hicks mentioned, we haven't even had Jackson and Tinsley on the floor together more than a couple of times, and Tinsley had the flu those times.

There's still a lot of talent on this team that hasn't had a chance to gel yet. Please, God, give us a healthy 2nd half and allow this team to get comfortable with a set line up and rotation and let's see what they can do. Then, IF Artest comes back, all the better. But, if he doesn't, then fine. Just give them the chance to get into a routine, a rythym, a flow.

I predict a healthy 2nd half accompanied by more confidence and success.
Since then, Tinsley has remained hurt and Jermaine hurt his shoulder. Fred Jones has missed some games due to illness, as well, and Harrison has never returned from his stint on the IR. Ridiculous!

I stand very, very corrected.

Still and all, I feel pretty good about finishing the season on a high note and.... oh forget it!