This season has sucked. It is so hard to pay close attention to a season where it only gets worse after your 2nd best player gets suspended for the season.

I am here today on a different note, a good note.

Sometimes you just gotta gather your balls and go for it.

There is this really hot chick at my work. I mean smokin'. The guys always talk about her. They always ask her out. Even one of the managers is crazy for her. I always here the customers making comments about her too.

The only problem is, she is what I like to call an "ice *****" to guys. This is more than likely due to the fact that every guy she has ever met has tried to get in her pants. For the past 10 months, no guy has prevailed.

I never tried to, I just talked to her like I would any other girl. Then once I started talking to her, I became very attracted to her. Some people told me not to go for it..."you have no shot in hell".

Well, tonight I got in my car and drove to work just before we closed. Then I walked her out after she got off and then gathered my balls. I was so nervous though, my right hand was shaking...that is no joke.

I asked her out on a date and she started mumbling while looking away from me. At first I thought she was turning me down, but it turns out I had made her very nervous and she actually likes me. We then had a killer conversation and now I gots me a date with a really really hot chica on Friday night!!!

I can't believe it! Gentlemen, sometimes you just gotta gather your balls and go for it.

PS- feel free to move this post to the "Sappy love story" forum.

I just thought we could all use a little encouragment.