OK - look at this list and see if you notice a trend:

BENDER - on the mend - will be back in a few games - really - well, maybe not - ???

TINSLEY - will be back in a couple days - well, maybe not - ???

FOSTER and POLLARD - will be back in a few games - well, maybe not - ???

JO - will be back in a few games - well, maybe not - ???


There's some very serious miscommunication happening here between the Medical staff, the coaches and the media. Every injury is a "I hope but I don't know" situation. I've had very bizarre injuries in the past, and I have to tell you that the staff I went to DID know. They knew very well what my chances were and how long it would take to recover. I understood the situation down to the little pinched nerve, the slightest mis-alignment.

As I look over this season, it seems that the only times the Med Staff got a diagnosis right - and correctly projected a player's return date, were AJ's and Miller's broken hands. Foster's hip is a close second, but seeing his reduced elevation makes me wonder if the staff made the right call with him.

Everyone's talking about cleaning house with the players. If I were management, the first department to go would be the med staff. They would then be followed by the strength and conditioning coaches/staff for all the bad backs and tweaked muscles.

OK, I just had to get this off my chest.