Who would you put in your top 3 ugliest stroke list? here is my list...

1. Shawn Marion = everytime he shoots the ball im LMAO , he shoots like if he was playing basketball for the first time in his life you know..? with two hands! right from the chest! haha.. the stroke is just so ugly and unprofesional... i just cant believe he shoots like that because if i did shoot like that in my basketball team my coach would Rape me!! But the miracle is that he actually can hit those shots and still be a great player! It just schocked me when i saw him play for the first time, when i saw him play i saw him Block,steal,rebound,dunk he was scoring like 30 points that time, i was like "WOW! this guy is really skilled!! my favourite player!!" then i saw him shoot a 3PTer and miss it AIR BALL, mannn... just the STROKE, wow, so ugly.. got shocked how a good player like that dont know how to shoot a decent basketball stroke!

2. Shaquille Oneal = he holds the ball with his finger tips and just flaps it and misses aswell.. terrible stroke... terrible accuracy..

3. Bill Cartwright = no comment.. just ugly