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Thread: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

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    Default Re: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

    btw...when did anyone say jay was smart? ha...he's smart? okkkkkkkkkkk

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    Default Re: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

    JO7, do yourself a favor right now and be silent. My patience is hanging by a thread with this whole mess right now, and I'm severely tempted to play the bad guy and clean this whole place up, fair or not.

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    Default Re: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Anyone else notice the ones that don't think there's a problem either call people haters, generalize like all hell, or have to call people names and deflect blame? Maybe I'm alone in noticing that.
    You're not alone.

    I don't agree with what has been going on lately, administration-wise, but I am not really in the know either. I am sure there a plenty of good reasons for taking a softer approach, but it just comes down to what kind of board you want this to be.

    Personally, I liked it better before. Sure, you may take on a few "nazi" remarks, and the like, but I felt you guys did a pretty good job in handing out punishment. There has to be a balance between excessive censorship and not enough, and I believe it was perfect previously. Just my two cents though.
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    Default Re: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

    I'm closing this because it's degenerating into a mess. I'm going to let people cool off for a bit, refocus, and then I MAY reopen it later. I understand there is a legit reason for the thread's existence, but I'm trying to prevent anymore bannings.

    Hoop, the tone of that post is not acceptable.

    JONeal7, watch your step.
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    Default Re: The dumbing down of Pacers Digest

    Quote Originally Posted by grace
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    I haven't finished reading the thread yet so maybe someone has reminded people about the ignore list. Mine's actually getting quite large. I wonder if there's a limit to now many people can be listed.

    According to kerosene I shouldn't be so emotional about the board that I need to use the ignore list. I gues I'm just a pysco.
    hey! where did i say that? i don't think i've ever replied anything like that to you. i haven't had time to drink lately either so i don't think it was that. besides, i'm not the "use the ignore list" admin, that's some one else

    while we want to maintain an environment where high quality discussion can take place without many of the usual message board turn-offs there is also a concern about having an elitist attitude which is also a turn off. lately it seems like the discussion on this has come to the fore as some different ideas have been tried out. behind the scenes, without getting specific, there is not always agreement on what should be done but everyone is willing to give something a try to at least see if it can work. i think everyone knows that Hicks and the rest of the PD gang is trying to do the right thing; to find a working solution to our problems. suggestions are welcome; in fact some have been tried out, others have at least been discussed.

    at the very least we're approachable and everyone will listen to your concerns or suggestions and bring them up on the admin board. if you don't want to do this publically, pm one of us. this ain't no vanity project, real work and energy goes into PD and it's for all of you. suggestions, comments and sending cartons of strawberry cheesecake ice cream is encouraged.

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