Favourite number?

  1. sweabs
    So, what is everyone's favourite number?
  2. sweabs
    I personally happen to like 7,428,342,408,209,422.

    Hoping to snag that one in TCT.
  3. N8R
    I like 75093740937490374981279861289462895789237498317498 13487657864379865947862197856978236578932657986257 86123785619286578236597816425874389689356789347698 72700193077703476890413769814768097148568612783648 736217864873623874608761078264578613087461876 personally, but that's just me.
  4. sweabs
    That is my second favourite number man! How did you fall in love with that one? I have a funny personal story with regards to that number.
  5. N8R
    I have a good story behind mine but it is private at the moment.
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