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Los Angeles
03-07-2005, 03:31 PM
Well it was the last time I will get to see Reggie play - and it was not the greatest game in the world. And who could possibly expect it to be? I was hoping to have a more competitive game to watch, and as the deficit approached 20 points I was left with an odd feeling - like the season as a whole could be defined by the arc of this single game. Fast start - crazy linups - futile heroics - bad basketball - and a hopeful and positive push at the end that comes short.

I know there's another thread started by Peck that covers many of these issues, and it's a great thread, but I thought I'd carve out a special spot as one of the few who post here that actually went to the game. Here's a run-down in no particular order:

Staples. The place was packed, and I wish all NBA teams had such a following. It never really got loud in there though. There was a great ovation for Reggie when he was announced at the beginning of the game. One thing burned me really bad about the venue - there was no halftime entertainment at all. What did they do after two fans tried to hit a couple of shots to win a prize? (which lasted maybe 60 seconds) They played commercials!!! Not those little PowerPoint text ads for local advertisers. Real, full blown, staight from prime-time TV Car commercials. I was insulted and disgusted. At least the clippers brought in a local marching band.

Johnson and Gill. On the floor together. I don't need to say anything more about this.

Gill gaurding Kobe. I shouted "OH NO!!!" I guess shouting doesn't help in those situations :)

Substitutions. I don't think it was necessary AT ALL to swap the entire team out in the first half. This wasn't a rotation, it was like watching the offense and defense trade places in football. And our second team was slaughtered. Don't give me the crap about how the second team is better together because they practice together, so they should play together during the games. These 5 guys have never been in that configuration before, and it was ugly. We could have at least left a scorer or two on the court, and swapped them later.

Harrison. I sang Harrison's praises to a Laker fan before the game and wondered where he was in the first half. Unfortunately, when he made it into the game, I don't think he played very well at all. I know he's won over alot of fans - myself included - but Harrison was sloppy and clumsy and did nothing but turn on the Kobe Bryant show with an unnecessarily hard foul. Bryant got pissed and lit up, and was going full tilt after that. On the other hand, after seeing him live, I think that if he toned up and added just a little grace to his game, opposing players will learn to fear him for years to come. Due to his size, he's already getting respect from opposing teams. They tried to muscle him and played him hard, as if the game rode on his shoulders. I think everyone knows he can be a difference maker, and I hope he works hard and makes it happen.

F Jones. I really liked him as a point guard. He wasn't the greatest, but he wasn't a full liability, either. However, his lack of experience showed at the very end of the fourth quarter. He didn't seem to handle the down-and-short-on-time pressure well, and I think it cost us at least 30 seconds of the clock.

The fourth quarter comeback. This was actually a lot of fun to watch. And when the place got quiet - I could suddenly see at least a few HUNDRED Pacers fans getting on their feet There was energy and enthusiasm, and I don't know really how to describe this part - but during that time there were not as many hesitations. Meaning, the pacers seemed to play scared for most of the game. Not afraid of the Lakers (puh-leeze) but afraid of mistakes. Afraid of missing shots. Afraid of not seeing the open man, and pausing to look for him. In person, you could sense the tiny hesitations, the questioning, the slightest reduction in confidence. It wasn't until the fourth quarter that the hesitations went away - because we couldn't afford the time - and we started to play confident basketball. And guess what? We came within 5. After that, the fire turned to nervousness and confidence turned to despiration.

Pictures. I've got pictures to post, if someone will host. I've got them to reasonable size. (600x450) and under 100k each. There's one of Reggie hitting the last three I will ever see him hit. and a side-by-side of #31 and #32 (in that order ;) ). We'll get them up soon!

Los Angeles
03-07-2005, 04:36 PM
OK, I think I've got it figured out:

The drive to staples from the westside -


Pre-game bonanza -


View from end court -


Croshere heads to the hole -


31 and 32 - IN THAT ORDER -


Enemy territory -


The last 3 I ever saw reggie hit live - look who's gaurding him -


Staples at night -


03-07-2005, 05:33 PM
Thanks for the pics and the recount, LA.....

great shots!!

Sorry you got your last Reggie sighting spoiled....maybe he'll reconsider, eh?!

03-07-2005, 06:39 PM
Look @ Reggie's elevation. :o Maybe that's why my shot always gets blocked...I never leave the ground, eh?...Nice photos, LA.

03-07-2005, 07:25 PM
I the Reggie '3' pic Dale looks like he's winding up for a roundhouse punch...