View Full Version : NFL Combine and the Colts

03-04-2005, 10:02 PM
Who impressed you at the NFL combine? Who disappointed? For me it was MLB Robert McCune out of Louisville. He ran his forty in 4.5 seconds and had 34 reps. He looked very good and I hope the Colts can pick him up in the 2nd round. A disappointment was Marline Jackson for me. Marlin Jackson ran 4.59 forty. Thats not going to help his stock any. I didnt want the Colts to get him anyways because of his legal problems, but I thought hed get a 4.4-4.49 and he would be first rounder. It looks like he is going the be mid to late 2nd now. And Clarrett disappointed, but everyone knows about that. He had a forty time of 4.82 and 4.72. Thats terrible.

Another one that disappointed was Brandon Browner. Before the combine he was a early 2nd late first, 6-4 204 pound corner that ran a 4.45-4.5. He came into the combine 6-3 221 lbs and ran a 4.59. He has now dropped into the late 2nd early 3rd round. I do hope the Colts pick him up in the 3rd round if hes still there, if they get a early 3rd(trades/compensairy picks). I dont think he got fat and lazy and thats why he had a slow forty. Becuase before the combine he was pretty ripped and I also thought he looked bigger than 204. He looked maybe 210, maybe 215. I just think he added more muscle and worked out alot and that extra muscle slowed him down. I would want him to be a S/CB(he can play safety) and he would add some cover skills to the safety position and he can play corner if anybody gets injured.

Thats my thoughts on the Colts draft and the combine