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03-04-2005, 10:19 AM
While the NBA remains carrying her fans on hands and easily ignoring the fan's behaviour at games like the pelting of coins and debris on players, the FA's (Football Associations) in Europe who already for years punishes harshly on hosting clubs with misbehaving fans, have added another note on the "customers" tab while "enjoying" a match (from the bbc.co.uk website)

Clubs could be banned over racism
By Paul Fletcher

Deportivo La Coruna were fined after a section of their fans racially abused Roberto Carlos

Uefa has warned it could exclude clubs from their competitions if their fans are found guilty of racist behaviour.

Several Spanish clubs have been fined this season, with Deportivo La Coruna the latest after Real Madrid's Roberto Carlos was racially abused last week.

"There is no limit to the actions that we will take," said Uefa spokesman William Gaillard.

"We are ready to exclude a team from our Uefa run competitions if we have repeat offenders."

Albacete, Getafe, Malaga and Atletico Madrid have also been fined by the Spanish FA (RFEF), while Real Madrid and Sevilla have been punished by Uefa for incidents at Champions League and Uefa Cup games.

Spain coach Luis Aragones was also fined 2,060 for racist remarks made about France striker Thierry Henry, while England's friendly in Madrid last year was marred by abuse.

And Gaillard is adamant that European football's governing body is ready to step up the fight against racism in football.

The Spanish FA is gradually becoming aware that there is a problem
Uefa spokesman William Gaillard

"We have to tell people that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated - end of story," added Gaillard.

"In some cases it is fine to use the carrot but if the stick is not behind it the carrot is not enough."

Gaillard is confident that Spain is slowly coming to terms with the problem of racism within football in their country.

"I think the Spanish FA is gradually becoming aware that there is a problem and it has to be tackled seriously," he said.

"I think there was probably a consciousness gap. I think football has been targeted by small extremist groups in Spain and some organisational measures are needed.

"Clubs have realised they are going to be penalised - not only will they be fined but they could lose points or their grounds could be banned.

"That is the cost they are going to have to bear for the behaviour of a small minority which with a little bit of courage they could isolate and get rid of quite easily."

Will Galen
03-04-2005, 03:32 PM
Uefa has warned it could exclude clubs from their competitions if their fans are found guilty of racist behaviour.

Just how would you know who the fans were actual fans of.

Say the NBA decided to do that. I could see the following happening. A bunch of Piston fans that live in Indiana put on some Pacer jerseys and go to a Pacer game and then hurl racial remarks at the team the Pacers are playing. Result, the Pacers are excluded from the playoffs.

Even better, a well heeled Piston fan could fine someone who has season tickets to the Pacers and give them enough money and they would hurl the racial remarks. Give people enough money and they will do anything.

Nope, I can't see excluding teams from the playoffs for their fans behavior.

Throw the fans in jail and fine them!

flying dutchman
03-04-2005, 03:56 PM
Just a short answer to Will. The fans of the home team and the fans of the other team don't mix. They have their own part of the stadion.
I know in Holland and also here in Denmark, it's almost impossible to get a ticket in the part of the stadion where the other fans are..
In Holland they have something they call a clubcard. if you want to see your team play you have to show your clubcard.

I don't see it should be a problem. I know it's more like Big Brother is watching you, but I think it's okay.